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Dear Graduate


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“Dear Graduate” challenges the age-old question, “What do you want to BE when you grow up?” by changing it to, “What will you DO when you grow up?” It asks questions of the reader—about how they want to spend their lives and what values they’ll develop, evolving to bigger questions about how they act in the world, who they want to become, and what they will achieve. The idea is to celebrate all kinds of work and all kinds of people. It’s at these turning points in our lives when we should ask ourselves big questions. “Dear Graduate” gives the reader a moment to stop and think deliberately about decisions ahead. Each spread features striking colors and a large, bold type that keeps the focus on each question, but during the roughly two minutes it takes to read we’ve found many have had strong emotional reactions. It’s about being faced with questions that make you think about your intentions differently, or at all. It’s a feeling of, “I was never asked these things as a child.


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