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Analu Therapy Dough-Lemon Drop


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We blend pure essential oils and vegetable pigments to create a calming, fragrant, tactile experience.

Inhale slowly, exhale completely, keep restless hands busy.

Available in uplifting sweet orange, calming lavender, or our happy hour scents, lemon drop and mojito.

Eco-kids creates safe and effective children’s art materials that support the freedom of exploration, the joy of discovery, and the development of non-verbal, visual language.

We aim to:

* Simplify children’s toys.
* Remove gender/race biases from children’s products.
* Create time and space for a child’s inner journey.
* Emphasize the joy of discovery, imagination, creation and learning.
* Reduce screen time.
* Reduce/eliminate unsustainable ingredients, packaging and practice.
* Reduce plastic use.


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