The Cocktail Party Pack

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Root organic cocktail mixers are created in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania by "two moms, a shaker, and a dream".  Tired of the grocery store mixers that contained lots of high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients that weren't exactly healthy, the two moms decided to create flavors for cocktails that were not only delicious and different, but also used all organic and healthy ingredients.

This set includes four of their most popular flavors in 4oz. bottles.  The set makes a fabulous gift or a great idea for yourself to break up the monotony of the pandemic drinking-at-home routine.  You add 1 part of your favorite alcohol to two parts Root.

1) Lemongrass: This refreshing bit of heaven blends Lemongrass’ subtle, refreshing flavor with an elder-flower simple syrup and a touch of fresh lemon.

2) Granada: Savor this healthful cocktail featuring pomegranate, lemongrass, and other goodness with your favorite vodka up or on the rocks and get ready to take on the world!

3) Hibi-Hibi: This delicious blend of Hibiscus tea, cucumber and lime juice muddled with elderflower simple syrup makes for a taste of summer or a Tuesday - whichever works for you.  

4) Au Pear:  An extraordinary blend of pear juice, lemon, and a hint of orange.  A cocktail worthy of the "special" glass!