Honor Soy Candle Plum and Fig Scented

Honor Soy Candle Plum and Fig Scented

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Honor Soy Candle is rich with notes of ripe plum, juicy berries, and dark fig combine with an almost tart aroma to create the luxurious fragrance throw of our Honor Soy Candle. Inspired by the late summer season, when fruit stays on the vine and ripens to the point of almost becoming wine. A touch of wild rose provides sweet sophistication to this fragrance. Refreshingly light and sweet, and mysteriously floral.

Hand-poured from 100% US soy wax
Lead-free, cotton wick
Fragranced with fragrance oils and essential oils
No petrochemicals, additives, parabens, phthalates, or dyes.

Burn time up to 25 hours

6 oz. jar